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Reasons to invest in a website - - Drop Arena Global | Online Website Design Company Nigeria
Over the years, consumer behavior has changed to match and adapt to the constantly evolving technological innovations and advancements. For instance, consumers can now make purchases online and have the products delivered to desired locations from the comfort of their homes. As a result, an increasing number of consumers now use the internet to find businesses to access products and services near them. These products and services are easily accessible through a fully optimized website. It is therefore vital for businesses (online and offline businesses) to establish a solid online presence to serve as a platform where they can share vital information relevant to their business, and connect with the desired audience around the globe. These days, the increasing mobile internet access means that information is literally readily available at the fingertips of consumers. This article provides reasons why it is vital for every brand and business to invest in a fully optimized website and how it can make a huge difference in your growth and profit margins.  
  • Creating a Website Shows Credibility
As is common knowledge, everyone who uses a search engine to look for a service or product has a criterion or two that they expect providers of said commodity to meet. Usually, this is a mental checklist of many items, or it could be just a few boxes that they would like to have checked before they proceed to transact with any vendor online. These conditions vary from one individual to another, but they exist as a form of the quality check used to measure the credibility and professionalism of a brand as this is a direct representation of product quality and the satisfactory level of service delivery. An important item that consumers look out for when picking out a brand to access a service or product is a website. As of today, only a meager 58% of small businesses have a functional website, this is a staggeringly low figure considering that 70% to 80% of people research a company before they attempt to visit or make a purchase, and 91% of said people actually proceed to make a purchase or visit after a favorable online experience which was made possible through of a well-designed and fully optimized website.  
  • Your Website is a platform for Effective and Constructive Feedback
Your website creates the perfect avenue for receiving and giving effective feedback from customers. Internet users love to feel like the center of every interaction, and a website makes receiving feedback a more intimate and controlled activity. Brands and businesses can harness a great website interface design to give customers a tailored and comfortable experience when asking for feedback. This gives them a sense of security and privacy when giving out their thoughts about the service received or the quality of products purchased. Brands can prepare questionnaires and surveys aimed at collecting targeted data relating to specific aspects of their products and services. Such information helps to make informed decisions about changes required to improve the quality of products and services.  
  • Your Website Offers Social Proof
Key factors that greatly influence the decisions of internet users when it comes to online shopping are reviews, ratings, and recommendations. A website serves as a platform to let potential customers access and read through other existing customer reviews. A dedicated page on your website can showcase product ratings and comments about satisfactory levels of services rendered. A large percentage of people who shop for products and services online choose vendors based on reviews and ratings made by other customers who have previously accessed them. Moreso, positive ratings and comments serve as a testament to the trustworthiness and honesty with which a brand carries out its operations thereby eliminating any doubts about the legality of an establishment that operates within the bounds of the law.  
  • Your Website is Used to Control the Narrative & Reduce Costs.
A website is fully customizable to meet a wide variety of requirements and specifications depending on what industry or niche around which a brand is built. One of the key advantages of having a website is the ability to put out materials that can greatly impact public perspective and perception, thereby making it possible to control relevant trends, respond to critique, and carry out effective damage control in the event of any scandals. Most big brands take advantage of this by directing customers to their web page at every opportunity they get in order to showcase their mission statements and value proposition, in other to enforce every narrative they want customers to behold or attribute their brand to. By proactively providing answers to Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs), brands systematically reduce the cost of customer service operations and make it possible for customers to get instant replies to inquiries. This in turn enhances user experience and fosters positive customer relations.  
  • Your Website Helps Maximize ROI
The ultimate goal of any brand or business is to maximize profit, increase the Return-On-Investment and excel greatly in its parent industry. A well-designed and optimized website is easily the best marketing tool in the arsenal of any business, and investing in one to be the frontier of this effort is a strategic way to go. The cost of having a customized and fully optimized website has been a subject of debate over the years but one thing is certain, in terms of accessibility and affordability, there has never been a better time to become a website owner. Various content management systems such as WordPress, HubSpot, and Wix and their assortment of tools exist to make website creation and data presentation on a website relatively easy, affordable, and accessible to everyone regardless of their level of experience in web development.  
  • Your Website Allows You to Compete With Other Industry Goliaths
Big companies invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on an enormous scale and as a result, they usually rank highest in search engine results. This translates to them staying in business and ensures they get constant patronage and engagements while generating endless numbers of leads. Having a fully optimized website means that there is a chance for smaller and upcoming brands to compete with the goliaths of the industry if service delivery and product quality are exceptional and can match or surpass that of these big companies.  
  • Expand Your Working Hours
Because you’ve been able to position your business to be constantly online and available to potential customers from the comfort of their homes 24 hours a day, your website serves as the most efficient salesperson due to its unique ability to provide information even during times when marketing and sales teams are off work. When designed well, it leaves a solid first impression and is the focal point of digital marketing.  This makes it possible to attend to inquiries round the clock and constantly generate leads.   In conclusion, it is safe to say that investing in a fully optimized website is the best strategy for your business to achieve global online recognition, build an online track record, and excellent customer service. If you are wondering how to get your business started, with a fully optimized website, kindly contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a free consultation and an end-to-end strategy on how you can get started.      

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